Building a pedal board, already have 10 pedals, but my setup can take 11. However, the only open spot is a 12v 100mA

Really want an eq that'll handle that, right now I have:

Chorus 9v
Od. 9v
Distortion 9v
Metal dist 9v
Noise gate 9v
Flange 9v
Phase 9v
Wah 18v
Reverb 9v

Also have a tuner pedal, but for the low amount of use, I wont be plugging it in, just run off battery.

Ty for any help
Well, most 9v pedals can take 12v. They usually use components rated for 18v (or 16v on some occasions), however running them at 18v can be dangerous because you may get a spike that can cook components.

The 9v is really for safety reasons to account for voltage spikes/miss-marked power supplies and (I would assume) the inconvenient size of a 12v battery You'll actually find that 9v wall wart adapters don't always put out 9v, but sometimes more like 10-12v.

So, yeah. I'd run maybe the OD at 12v and use that 9v at another spot. ODs seem to like higher voltages. I mean, it depends what's under the hood, but I'm about 99% sure it'd be fine.

Otherwise, the MXR 10-band EQ can handle up to 18v. It's rated for 18v but 9v and 12v work just fine with it. It'll just have a little less headroom.

EDIT: Also, you could daisy chain one of the 9v if you're not comfortable fiddling with miss-matched voltages. People worry about daisy chaining pedals, but so long as the power supply is supplying enough current for both pedals, it won't 'tone-suck' your sound in the slightest. You can measure current draws with a multimeter. There are videos and stuff online that can show you how
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Funny I found a mxr 10 band eq 18v for $30.00 locally, just was worried it wouldn't work with 12v
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Funny I found a mxr 10 band eq 18v for $30.00 locally, just was worried it wouldn't work with 12v

That's a pretty good deal. You should go for it. It'll definitely work with 12v