Hey guys, I plan to start recording soon and need a recommendation for an audio interface. I'm thinking about getting a focusrite solo in a combo with headphones and mic etc, rather than buying a mic separate. I am worried about clipping though as the reviews I've read mention this happening with their lower end products; I'd buy the 2i4 if need be but I really only need one input.
I already have guitar rig 5 and have been looking around for recording programs; I have my eye on Reaper. But, since I already have guitar rig and wouldn't be using and pre-gain would I have to worry about clipping at all.
Thanks in advance!
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A clipping input light just means turn the feck down until it stops clipping. No muss no fuss if you understand this. Recording 101.

The beef most have with this unit is the 6" proprietary connection cable that seems too short, otherwise reviews are good. I have never used it but ipad compatibility would be a major plus for me. It's a great tool for capturing ideas anywhere.
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I use the 2i4 very often. It is easy to use, stable, not that expensive and has more headroom. No issues with clipping as you can control signal easy with the gain knobs. The Focusrite Solo is almost the same with less inputs/outputs.