Hello all!

I have finally finished my latest attempt at creating a bit of good ol thrash. So...... just-cant-polish-it productions proudly presents.......

Sickness In Mind

Any and all feedback/criticism is welcome.

Always happy to go C4C with anyone who takes the time to listen and comment.

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Hey, thanks for the comment on my music video post.

I really enjoyed the polished sound of your intro. It reminded me of Metallica's clean intros.
The riff that comes up is nice and heavy, but it sounds too raw, especially in contrast to the polished intro. My suggestion would be to thicken up the electric guitars a bit- maybe more mids or quad tracking if you haven't already tried that.
Leads sounded good and were mixed well.
Drums in the double time thrashy sections sounded a bit too programmed, maybe make the kicks and snares a tiny bit randomised in terms of timing- you can usually do this on your DAW as part of the quantiser set up i believe.

Cool song overall- the outro was probably the most enjoyable part for me.
Intro reminds me of the Cure (fine by me). OK, now getting thrashy. Vocals are too heavy for me, but I like it instrumentally. One part reminds me of cow-punk (fine by me) instrumentally; you might be too young to be familiar with that genre. At ~4:40 I like the guitar tone especially. Please review my music at this link:

Hello mate, thanks for your comment on my track. Apologies for the confusion; I'd got multiple Soundcloud tabs open and I was listening to the wrong one!

I really like the melodic lead bit at the end of this tune, it's creeping and hypnotic but also oddly pretty. Vocals are definitely worth sacrificing a goat or two to.
im not a big thrash guy but that was well done. i like the guitars, i think you hit the nail on the head with the tone. production is tight too. good job
Thanks to all who have commented, it is much appreciated.

@KJP - Thanks for taking the time to come back and listen. No worries about the mistake - it has happened to me enough times. To be honest, when I read your first comment my first thought was "Crap! Whos music did I mitsakenly link to?"

which drum machine are you using? it doesn't sound like ssd or ez/superior. that snare sample is killing me .___. the other samples sound fine to me, just the snare is sounds too open/repetitive. i like the black metal vocals on top of the thrashier sound. did you ever consider doing some gargly vocals like mayhem on De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas? also i think you could extend the build up before the acoustic outro at 3:38. maybe add a fast solo that builds up before releasing the tension with the outro. i think it's a pretty good track
@rky - Thanks for taking the time to comment. I use Hydrogen Drum Machine (I'm a linux user so options arent that numerous). The snare is the only bit of the particular Kit I am using that I dont like. I dont hate the sound (its not great but hey, its free) but the way the layering has been stet up means that even a very small variation in the velocity of the note results in it selecting the next sample - which is a sodding rim-shot! The end result is that I cant use velocity variations really to make it less robotic. Anyway, I have selected another snare from a different kit that I plan to try out once I have finished with the remaining 2 or 3 tracks that already have completed drums. I may have even go back on some of them and try replacing the snare.

As for vocals, I'm pretty awful at it. The black metal style is simply the only thing I can really achieve, and that sounds god awful dry - the only reason it sounds anything other than awful is down to a guitar distortion plug-in. I may give a more gargly sound a try on future projects - I dont think I've ever tried that style before so it will make interesting eavesdropping for the neighbours if nothing else.

I'm with you on the solo idea - some proper thrash shredding would be ideal. Sadly (again) talent is the barrier . I have basically no solo skill at the moment - it's something I need to work on a lot.

Thanks for the critique.

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Hey man !

I really like the intro, great job on that ! The song in general is good, I like the singing even if I'm not very fond of black metal vocals anymore.
The snare is the weak point of your song I think.
The sound quality of your guitar is good, and I liked the thrash sound !