I've been looking at replacing the nut and string tree on my Squier Jaguar to get the least possible level of tuning snags with tremolo use, and I was looking at Tusq XL nuts because of the PTFE supposedly minimising friction. When I brought this up with my guitar teacher he insisted that bone was the best choice because "it'll last 20, 30 years".

How durable are Tusq XL nuts? And overall, bearing in mind that I primarily want to minimise friction in the nut, is Tusq XL or bone the better choice?
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If you have a trem, get the Tusq nut. The strings are less likely to bind with one Vs. using bone.
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TUSQ is better than bone in pretty much every single way. Less friction, more durable, more consistent and more dense.
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I put a Tusq XL on my Squier Strat about a year ago, so not much to say about durability. But for tuning stability I couldn't ask for more.
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