I've recently bought an Avid Eleven Rack to replace my NI Guitar Rig Session. So far I've just been using headphones, or running the output into my computer speakers from the headphone jack. Thats not really an ideal setup.

I'm looking for something better to provide the sound. Should I buy a good amp (DSL40C maybe?) and run the processor in the effect loop, or should I pick up a pair of studio monitors and drive them with the stereo xlr outputs?

I don't play live, nor do I have any desire to play really loud. I'm looking for the best possible tone, and I've never owned a good quality amp. Would the Eleven Rack driving an amp be a good combo, or will monitors be a better choice? I'm not focused on setting up a professional level recording studio. This is mainly just for playing at home. I might record myself jamming to a backing track, but I by no means need a setup ideal for mixing and mastering.

I'm leaning towards an amp, mostly because I've yet to own anything worth mentioning, even though I've been playing for over 12 years. But if the Eleven Rack is best suited for a pair of nice monitors maybe that would be a better option. Again I usually play at low volumes so if a valve amp needs to be driven hard to sound good that might be a problem.

If you have any experience with this, any advice you might offer is much appreciated.
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If you ask me, your best option is to get some good monitors, and if possible a good set of studio headphones. You'll limit the capabilities of the Eleven Rack if you get an amp in my opinion, the marshall has it's own character and it might conflict with some of the amp models on the 11R. But it's still an option, if you really want a tube amp as well.
Buying an amp is kinda a waste of time the way I see it. A better option if you wanted to go in that sort of direction would be a dedicated power amp (like this: http://aus.matrixamplification.com/rack-amplifers/gt-800-fx-30.html) and a guitar cab. If you go this route you'll have to turn any cab modelling off in the 11R. This'll also be less versatile in that you're stuck with a single speaker sound whereas you can switch it up when you're running with flat frequency speakers (like monitors) and the 11R cab sims
You could also get a powered FRFR speaker (like this: http://www.mackie.com/products/hd1221/). This is kinda in between a power amp/cab setup and monitors. You'll be using the 11R cab impulses but will have the ability to get it up to gigging volumes. The main advantage of this over a power amp/cab is that it doesn't have the really directional nature of a guitar cab. Your tone will remain pretty consistent as you move around the room.

A lot of that information is probably pretty useless given you aren't really worried about playing loud. For bedroom type playing, I'd go with monitors. But if you do decide that you want to crank it up and start playing with other people, both types of setups I talked about are subjective as to which is better and both methods are widely used with digital setups. Also bear in mind the links I shared were just examples. Theres cheaper (and more expensive) options around also.
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yea, you most likely want to get a clean power amp and full range monitors. That way, you can take advantage of all of the impulses.
On the flip side though, I have run amp sims through my guitar amps fx loops and into their respective cab- the real life cab usually brings good results too, but you are limited by one cab sound. If you try running an impulse into a real cab it will sound weird
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I run modelers through powered studio monitors at home.
I use KRK Rokit 8's because they were relatively inexpensive and because they have enough bass response that I figured I didn't have to deal with a subwoofer for most things.
Thanks for the advice. That's pretty much what I expected. I'll grab a set of monitors.
I'll probably end up getting an amp at some point in the future as well.