Hi, at the mo I've got a Marshall DSL100H running through a Roadkill 2x12 cab. It's a pretty decent amp, but I'm looking at something a little better and possibly a lower wattage so I can crank it a bit more. I'm looking at perhaps a Marshall 1987x, but having only ever really played Marshalls I'm pretty clueless about other amps (other than big names like Orange, Vox, Blackstar etc) and so was wondering if someone could offer up some alternatives I could check out?
Basically I want something that can get a nice vintage type crunch but can also handle slightly higher gain stuff, not metal - just harder style rock. I have a budget of about £1000 but could maybe stretch a little more if the amp was right!

Any ideas?
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No reason to want a lower power tube amp - amps don't sound better when cranked because magic.
In fact, everything sounds better when cranked, but it's a matter of volume, not of the relative power of an amp you're using.

You might want power tube distortion, but that's another story, and in any case if you want to play very hard rock I'd advocate you don't really need power tube distortion.

Also please be more specific about what sounds you wanna achieve exactly.
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are you going to keep using the roadkill cab? what speakers are in it?

also as spambot says, if you could list a few bands whose tones you want to get close to, that'd help a lot.
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