I know its weird but am i the only one that for some reason sees it as a slight surf green or maybe even baby blue, but then as olympic white???? i did some checking and the only strat he has is an olympic white one, but in the video this sorta looks misleading.


right at the beginning like around 0:06 is a good mark, what color is that? and does anyone know the exact model?
hard to tell the color for sure could be green but in other shots it looks more bluish. the lighting for the vid makes it tough to really tell. the pickups are the danelectro lipstick tube style (i believe they made a squier model with pups like that.) pretty hard to tell what the exact model is as it could several different ones. might be a MIM or a 60s reissue model.
a little quick research suggest it might be a surfcaster model as they came with those style pickups. the the pix i saw all had a maple neck but it may have come with rosewood as well.

another look says squier surfcaster the finish on pic i saw was light blue and it appearsto be that exact guitar
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looks like sonic blue to me. Only looks surf greeny in a couple shots and the lighting has a very yellowish tint. The rest of the time it looks really light powder blue, which I equate with not being deep enough to be a daphne blue.
Looks like a Squier Vintage Modified Surf Stratocaster. Comes in Surf Green and Sonic Blue and it's either of those. I'd say Sonic Blue, but it could be either with the processing going on in the video.