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Yes, all the time.
4 24%
Yes, when I can't handle it anymore.
8 47%
1 6%
Lambe-me os culhões
4 24%
Voters: 17.
Do you? I do, all the time. Most of my farts are silent and whenever I have a chance i'll do it. What do you think about it? Do you condemn people who do this? Do you do it yourself? What about family members: do you fart in front of your mom or dad? Discuss.
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I'm cockblocked regularly by my appearance and personality.
Most of the time it's silent ones in public places. At work it's worth a laugh if with the right people. As far as my parents, it depends but I don't hold back too much. My dad rips farts with complete disregard for anything, and actually so does my mom in certain situations, so we good.
I mean I try not to be obvious and loud about it but im sure people have noticed. Everyone farts eventually.
How else am I meant to assert my dominance over everyone else other than depriving them of oxygen and forcing them to smell methane my body produced?
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I like to pretend that farts don't exist and I avoid doing it at all costs.

also fart jokes are the worst.
honestly i've never thought about it

do i?
i don't know why i feel so dry
loud and proud baby
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