So my neighbor is an old rocker who had his charvel stolen, after years he got it back but the theif trashed the wiring in it and my neighbor was unable to fix it himself so it sat for years. He remembered I worked on guitars and asked me to get his guitar working again so he can add it to his functioning collection. But im stuck on the wiring. Its a HH "single coil style neck HB" with a 5 way import switch and a single volume. I cant find any wiring diagrams to guide me for this, it is a import but its connections look like the LE-0005 switch and my neighbor wants to try to get as close as possible to the origional wiring.
I hate when that happens. I saw a bunch of predators on google so i'll include two diagrams to help you guys out.

ok so the first one if it's H/S/H I'd recommend this , if the pickups are name brand though like dimarzio or something with more than 2 wires each let me know though. This is an Ibanez RG wiring. I recommend 500k pots for the humbuckers of course. I can imagine you're going to keep everything original though

if it's an H/S charvel the wiring is a little different, this is using a super 5 way , ignore this wiring if the selector only has 8 contacts and go with a telecaster wiring. Remember though with this wiring you can use single coils , p90s or anything with 4 wires and get the sounds out of the super 5 way.

if you need to buy new stuff and he doesn't mind spending a bit of money he may get a better sound anyways so it's a good thing.
CTS or bournes potentiometers - A500k volume / B500k tone - average sized
0.047uf capacitor - sprague orange drop or some USSR paper in oil capacitor (ebay)
CRL 5 way switch (normal 5 way) or a schaller super 5 way "mega switch"
Switchcraft input jack - mono
stewmac will have all of this

copper tape to make a clearer sound out of the amp and nickle braided wires people claim is more clarity as well. Guess it depends on how much he loves the guitar to do all that. Luckily both diagrams are a breeze.
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Well that didnt help at all. I stated that its a HH with a mini rails in the neck, 1 volume, and a 5 way super switch with the number 543210012345 on the side. Ive used a similar SD wiring diagram but have had no luck getting anything more than a broken single on a single pickup. Ive swapped out the switch and the pot and had the exact same results. I was hoping some one would have a origional wiring diagram for the Charvel Predator or at least a close up picture of the control cavity so I can use it as a guide but ive had no luck finding that either.
first i'd look at the color code , next take a photo of the switch and I can help you out a bit more, unless you know the model of it. 8 contacts (lets say) is a regular 5 way switch and having the right color code you should have been fine.

I'd also look for cold solder joints, loose connections or anything touching the shielding inside the guitar just in case as those three things can weaken the signal.

I use SD wirings all the time and the only ones I can say bad things about are their 50s telecaster wirings (and modern) as well as the jimmy page wiring. As i probably said before it's not that complicated with wirings , what you can do to one guitar you can do to another in most instances.

anyways lets see what happens , send me a photo of the switch if you got time and someone on here will hep you out.
is that the one with the barden? iirc it's a stacked bucker. can you just treat it as such and split it? like two hb's with a 5way switch?
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