Someone just got done rating almost every single one of my tabs mostly with 5 stars, I don't know if I can get in trouble for it because it boosted me way up. They were all rated within about 5 minutes but I think it happened to a few others popular users recently. I just don't get why he's rating all of these without knowing actually using them.

Even some of my old tabs which are terrible are being rated with 5 stars.
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Pretty cool that you'd say that, most would just go with it. The user, - if having tabs themselves, more than probably want the same in return or some other favor. Don't think you'll get any trouble though the votes may get removed, as they should - but given that this does happen a lot, it's not really right to "punish" you and give the hundreds of users who exchange "friendly ratings" for max points a pass either. This needs some improvement in the software to prevent, but doesn't seem UG cares very much about rating legitimacy.
Well now all of my tabs are rated, I went from 250th to 103rd contributor. I hope they get removed or I just don't get in trouble, something should be done though. This doesn't seem fair at all.

The guy who rated them is like the 38th contributor.
Yeah, happened to me last week, does feel wrong that all of them have a 5 star rating regardless of their quality, but, as said above, the majority of the top contributors seem to do it so it's the only way of getting up the rankings.
Does make a mockery of the whole star rating/points thing too and explain why some 5 star tabs are terrible.
I would prefer knowing my ratings are from people that have used the tab and found it genuinely helpful, but there's part of me that likes having a higher rating/score.........
Thanks for the report!
The user Kurt1964 had done the same thing to other users.
All his rating removed and he is banned now.
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emad I'm gonna ban you, seriously.
Glad I found this thread..a user did that to my tabs as well. At first I was pretty chuffed to see the ratings, so I sent said user a thank you note, only to read a reply saying to the effect that he just line-item 5 starrred everything & I could return the favor.
I actually felt sick after reading that.
I see those tainted ratings have been deleted and I feel cleaner for it!!
Thanks to the op & emad for tackling this issue.