Someone where I work just started learning guitar so I was going to give her my old chord reference book. Except that I haven't used it in forever and I don't know where it is. But surely there is an android app that will suffice! Well, kind of. All of the chord apps I've found are 1) ugly and clunky or 2) cost money. I'd love to work together with a few people to make an easy to use, free (because I want to give back to the music community who has helped me in so many ways) app for android/ios (preferably android first, but whatever).

What can I do? I'm on ok programmer. I mostly know high-level languages like Python, but I can muddle my way through Java and Obj C (I haven't read much about Swift, but from what I can tell its a smooth transition from Obj C). I'd be mostly helpful in interface design and managing the project (I manage a retail store for my day job, which I'm surprisingly good at). This project idea just happened a few hours ago so I haven't bothered to draw a mockup of the app, but if anyone wants to see my skills before committing to help I'd be happy to oblige.

Would anyone be interested in this?
What do you mean by "chord reference?" Just like a list of chord charts for guitar, or like you can put in the notes/frets and it tells you what the chord would be called?