Hey guys,

I'm remodeling my first strat, 1995 MIM strat squier series (not a squier, a squier series) and am having trouble finding the bridge/block assy that I'm looking for.

I'm looking for a basic bridge/block setup for it in gold. I can find them for the american vintage and us strats but no luck so far in finding one for a MIM strat.

The Callaham stuff is way more $$$ than i'm looking to spend, so that's out of the question. This guitar is a stay at home noodler, not a gigger.


Also, suggestions on tuners that will fit in the weird diagonal bolt pattern on the MIM strat? looking for those in gold as well.

Thanks in advance fellow players, May the fourth be with you all.
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Pedal stuffs too
I've had bad experiences with tuners like those, I'd recommend putting completely different tuners than those. These are the only tuners that I know of that would fit on there without drilling holes and not be crappy: http://www.fender.com/parts/tuning-machines/70s-f-style-stratocaster-telecaster-tuning-machines/0990822100.html#start=1
Unfortunately, they only come in chrome, So I look at something like the Fender kluson style tuners- youll have to put new holes in your headstock, but at least these tuners will cover up the old holes.

As far as bridges go, I'd recommend checking out what Gotoh has to offer. You can get 6 screw ones that'll drop right in.