Hi All,

Been GASsing for some weird synth-like effects and I came across this:


Anyone know anything about this company?

I'm SERIOUSLY considering grabbing one of these because it looks cool, and seems to do both Ring-Mod & Tremolo. It's also a fair price at around $140 shipped.

BTW where would I put a Ring Mod in the chain? Out front I use my Octave > RAT > Tuner. In my effects loop I have Reverb > Delay > Flanger.

I'm thinking effects loop but I may be wrong. If it does go in the loop, would I put it beore or after the Flanger?

Thanks Guys! I NEVER do anything until I check with you guys first!

-Major Bludd
I would think first in the chain, right after the guitar. So your guitar would be RM'd, and then you would have the distortion clipping the signal, and the delay and verb doing their thing. If you put the RM last or close to last, it will try to modulate all the stuff done to the sound beforehand (clipping, delay, verb, etc.) and that might be too much.

Of course, if you want some really crazy ring modulated tones, you could try placing it after everything else and you'll likely end up with something unique but possibly incomprehensible.
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Interesting. So Guitar > Ring Mod > Tuner > RAT > Octave > Amp?
Whoops, forgot about the tuner. Well, you would want to place the tuner right after the guitar, then the RM. If you have the RM on while you're trying to tune, you'll get nowhere exceedingly fast. You might also want to experiment a bit, nothing is set in stone. If you were to use RM just after the RAT, the RM will crush the sound of the RAT, working with all the clipping nuances and such, rather than the RAT distorting the sound of just your RM'd guitar.
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I had a Mobius routed to be pre/post in front and in the loop and used the ring mod in the loop. Liked it way better that way. And I use it in post on my Kemper now as well.
I've heard of them (they're a UK company, occasionally reviewed in the guitar mags) but I haven't tried any of their stuff.
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I like the weird Tremolo effect it gives. I'm trying to decide between this or a Vox Repeat Percussion Clone. Maybe I'll get both!
I have a ring mod effect on my Boss ME-50, its bloody weird and I can't imagine what you'd ever do with it, though I'm sure someone has made it work.
I sent them an EMail a few days ago but no reply yet. Not too impressed with the customer service so far...
I use Fairfield Circuitry Randy's Revenge, which is a similar ring-mod/tremolo concept to the Burford that you've posted, and found that it works best at the start of the chain. A Ring-mod does gnarly, sexy things to overdrives and fuzzes placed after it. Works well after a clean boost, though.

Conversely, I've found that running a ring-mod after any effect comprises the clarity and general sonic integrity of the signal. We're talking attenuation of desirable frequencies; ''cloudiness'' (like ''muddiness'', but cloudier); and extreme overpowering of other effects. This has been the case for all ring-mods that I've tried, including the big name WMD Geiger Counter and Way Huge Ringworm.

The Burford may be different, so experiment if you do decide to pick one up. A good test is to place it at the start of the chain, and pair it with each effect after it. Then, place it at the end of the chain and repeat. You'll likely find that it works well before some pedals are after afters, and then you can decide on the optimal signal chain for your uses. This is how I test new pieces on my board.
I have also checked out Randy's Revenge and it's awesome. Just a little pricey.

Heard back from Burford Electronics. (finally) I'm still thinking about it, because I'd like a glitch/synth pedal to screw around with.
At the risk of encouraging GAS...

If saucy synths and glitchy goodness are what you're after, it's worth checking out Death by Audio and Earthquaker Devices. Hearing what they're capable of can better inform you of what's essential in an effects unit and lead you in the direction of something best suited for your needs (if they're not ideal themselves, of course). Infanem, though I feel to a lesser degree, is also worth checking out.

Recovery Effects and Iron Ether are both one-man, boutique pedal manufacturers who are building some daring glitch and synth units. Check out the Recovery Bad Comrade and Cutting Room Floor; and the Iron Ether Subterranea (OC-2 based with more voice control).
With this said... there are a lot of old (and highly reliable) Boss units that still seem to form the foundation for a lot of these suped-up boutique pedals, and at a fraction of the cost.
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