So, Finally back selling on these forums, been a few years (4?!), the day has finally come where I realise I don't play guitar anymore..
I'm selling my Edwards Les Paul Custom, this is one I never thought I would get rid of.. My baby, better than any other LP style guitar I've had (had them all pretty much) it's been upgraded slightly with some Bareknuckle Nailbombs. The reason theres not serial number on the headstock is because its from before 2007. From what I remember ESP didn't put any serials on Edwards guitars until this date. Weighs about 4.5kg (9.9lbs?) so its not light. Long Tenon neck joint.
It's currently up on eBay for £750 or Best offer so if someone here on UG wants to snap it up for a bit less (no low ball offers please) I'll give you the chance.
Its in pretty good condition overall, good fret condition, some oxidation on the gold parts.

Edwards Les Paul Custom

I can post it anywhere & if you want more pics/info just ask

P.s I might accept a part exchange or a trade but only if its a really good offer, I am selling all my guitars eventually as I just don't play but if its a trade that I can still sell then ok?

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