I can't get the sound I want from this amp it's either clean or distorted to much. It's the 15w one.

I'm after some green day sounds. Ac/dc and nirvana I've looked at the line 6 website but still can't get it to sound nice. (I'm new to electric so amp settings are not easy for me.
The only advice I can really give you other than taking your amp, throwing it out the window and buying a better one is just play with all the settings as much as possible. In all honesty the Line 6 Spiders are not great amps in the slightest. They have maybe one or two barely usable tones.

Also, you're never going to get the exact tones you want out of any amp. You can get close, but tone chasing in general is a one way street to disappointment for the most part.

So, really just start with one of the distortion presets and all the EQ knobs straight up and just turn until you find something. Whatever works, works.
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Yeah I have only borrowed guitar and amp it not mine but it's clean on clean obvs crunch isn't enough for me and then metal jumps up top much.

Well, you do have a very incompetent amp to get convincing, genuine punk/grunge tones. You don't have a Marshall Plexi, or a VOX, or what ever those guitarists use(d). But you can emulate it with what the spider can do.

For volume levels (the actual knob), just use what is appropriate for where you're working with the amp. If you're at home, use home volumes; in an apartment you need to be quiet, if you're in a single house, crank it.

Set the spider to a very clean setting. No EQ on, no effects, no distortion. Just you and the guitar. On your guitar, switch to the bridge pickup or middle setting. Now, switch to the crunch channel on the amp. Make sure there are still no effects on it or no eq. You'll have some bite from the amp here.

Turn up the crunch channel's distortion (should be listed as drive, not the volume) so that you get a somewhat saturated with clipping (distortion) in your tone. Try to emulate AC/DC with how it is set. You shouldn't need to be very high on the drive knob, you'd be surprised with how low-gain you need. Hit the strings hard and play good, and you'll get the type of distortion structure you want.

On the EQ section, boost the mid knob near max (around 5 o' clock, clock positions here). Boost the bass and treble to 2 o' clock. Put on just a small bit of reverb, and you should have a reasonable AC/DC tone.

For Green-Day esque, bump the drive (distortion) up just a little more, and use the bridge pickup on your guitar. For Nirvana-esque, bump the gain up even more (you should be close to the end of how far the drive knob has left), but reduce the mids to about 1 o'clock, boost the bass to 3 o'clock, and use the neck setting on your guitar. Use that crunch channel primarily, the metal and "insane" settings are not very usable.

You know, I'm thinking I should pick a spider up for funsies one day. They're dirt cheap, and maybe I can get something decent out of it. I'll get Line 6 to endorse me, and from all the people that buy spiders trying to sound like me, I'll get a cut of $$$
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