Having a rig switch around for a new project hence the sales-).

Don't really need to say anything about the THR10 that hasn't already been said, do I? It's a fantastic home practice and recording amp and puts out a very respectable noise for its size. Really great software as well when hooked up to a pc. Fantastic condition, not a mark on it. Comes in its original box with all the bits and pieces it originally did. £175 delivered.


The Blackstar is also in fantastic condition. Just had it serviced. Bit of solder touch up but that's all it needed. Hardly been playing in the last couple of years so the valves have only an hour or two on them.

Cosmetically its close to perfect. Couple of tiny scuffs on the tolex but that's it. Great sounding amp. Capable of covering most things you may throw at it. Loud as balls too. £400


Will post the Yam but not the HT40, I'm afraid. Pick up of either item is from Stockport, just outside Manchester. Or can deliver/meet to a reasonable distance with petrol costs thrown in.

Trade wise, I'm after a tech 21 Trademark 60 (or similar pedal platform with good clean headroom) and a big muff. And that's about it. Thanks
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