I started writing this last night with the idea of doing something a little more conventional. I think it's okay, and the hook is catchy, but I kinda shot myself in the foot because I had to try and find a way to bring the opening theme back. What I did was pretty lazy but I'm content with it.

The transition at bar 43 is weak, but I couldn't find a way to get a big enough "swirl" for the drop.

Anyway, enjoy and let me know if this simpler style is more enjoyable than my usual stuff because I'm probably going to be leaning towards this direction.

edit: updated the transition for the first hook. Still not how I want it, but sounds better.
galaxy Gm.gp5
i see your girl
she leavin wit me

I'm playing wit her booty
in the back seat
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I've never seen something like this made in Guitar Pro o_o. Kudos on that. I like it, but I don't feel like I know enough about the genre to critique.
I would agree with Joeseye... it definitely sounds cool to my ears but I have no idea about the genre in general and the midi soundbanks just makes me think of when a 'core' band tries to 'branch out' and put an EDM segment in their songs lol.

I really like the layering though, it must have been a pain to plan all that shit out like that.
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