I was browsing through some images yesterday and came across this beauty:

From the site where the image is from, it claims to be a vintage custom 1975 Gibson Les Paul and I was curious as to if it had some a name so I could find one to buy, its beautiful.
On the site it also says that it sold on ebay years ago for about $1,600 and "features a rare maple fretboard, three piece maple neck, maple top, a one piece mahogany back and a Bigsby tailpiece" and "The serial number is C925270".

I have no clue as to where to find another one of these, thats all the info I have, could anyone help?
More pictures would help cause frankly that one is poor. Need close shots of the headstock, back of the guitar, body, cavities, pots etc...

If I were to guess from that picture it's probably a 70s maple necked LP Custom in natural. Bigsby could be added aftermarket.Gibson made Les Pauls with maple boards and necks in the mid 70s to late 80s IIRC. Should be a 3 piece neck IIRC. Gibson has also reissued them a few times post 2000.

Letter (A/B/C/D/E/F) + 6 digit number for serial denotes 74-75 model year.

Really though we need more pictures. Could easily be a fake as well.
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