Hi guys,

For years I've played a Yamaha 120SJ. It had a Tele body, but without the sharp Tele edges. So kind of like a Strat. Hope this makes sense
Anyway, unfortunately I don't have it anymore, but miss it ever since.

Now I'm looking for a similar guitar with the looks of a Tele, and the back/smooth edges of a Strat. Preferably a budget guitar.

I fell in love with the Harley Benton TE40, but that's only because of the looks and price. http://medias.audiofanzine.com/images/thumbs3/harley-benton-te-40-trans-black-1099329.jpg
I know the brand is ok (you get what you pay for), but since the store they sell it at is nowhere near my house and there's no way I could try it, I would like to know what my other options are.

Who can suggest a cheap, light, smooth Tele model?
Or, who owns the TE40 and can tell me if it's worth buying?

It's the "budget" part of things that screws me up here. I'd recommend the TL series of Carvin guitars (some of which are on eBay at great prices), but new they're up there. They have a 24-fret neck, an extremely smooth neck/body transition, neck-through construction, a tummy cut, etc. and are very comfortable to play. The "TL" part indicates a tele shape (they also make a traditional tele-style instrument, but that's a different animal). The scale is 25" rather than the 25.5" of the tele, and if you buy new, you can actually specify the wood type (to keep the weight down).