Hey guys,
I'm going to buy Kemper amp profiler and have few question about that. I have simple audio interface Focusrite Scarlet Solo. I would like to record 2 signals in parallel (DI and Kemper). And I would also want be able to re-amp previously recorded DI. Will I need reamp box for that ?
Is it possible to do that with my Focusrite interface or I will have to buy something better ?
Wait, so from what I understand you want to be able to play one track and turn it into 2. Like play a riff and it goes to your DI box and your Kemper at the same time? Then you reamp the DI into the Kemper? I'm not entirely sure if the Kemper can be used as a DI box but I'm pretty sure you can use it as a reamp box. You just need something to record DIs. And a signal splitter.
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