Hi all,

I usually play my Tele through a Digitech RP500 multi-effect pedal using a headphone that I plug into the pedal as I cannot play through an amp at home because I live in a very thin-walled house.

Yesterday I took my Vox amp to someplace else and played through it. I noticed that my low E is being a pain in the ass. There's a lot of buzz when I play it. Also, When I play harmonics on the 7th or 12th fret, all strings sound good and have quite long sustain, while the low E string sounds as if it is palm muted.

Any ideas on what's the problem and how to solve it?

Does it buzz played open or fretted? If fretted, all frets or just some? If just open, it could be the nut slot for the low E is cut too low. If when fretted your neck may need more relief, or the action for that string may be too low. If everything else checks out, put on a different string. I've run into situations where there is a flaw in a string which can cause buzzing, odd harmonics, ir intonation problems.