I got these guitar for several years now, but I don't know what it is. There's no brand on it, and no other information. I was told it's Japanese made, that's all I know. Can somebody help me out? See attachment. Thanks.

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Looks like some sort of Teisco to me.
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definitely looks like a teisco or similar style, really overpriced sometimes.
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My first thought was possibly Teisco, but with the body shape, slider switches, sunburst colour and pickguard it also has strong resemblance to mid-1960's Hagstrom guitars (I have a Hagstrom 12-string electric that looks much like that except for the headstock. It has the fastest, thinnest neck of any guitar I have played).

Maybe it is a Hagstrom with a non-stock neck?
I'd stick with Japanese brands when try to peg this one down. Teisco, Norma, Apollo, etc...