Like many of you I am a solo artist and have recorded a fair amount of demos. Now I am looking for a website or a recommendation for an engineer who can mix my tracks. I have tried to mix my own stuff before, but it is so draining. I would rather just write and record and have somebody else mix the tracks.

I have searched around my town and the audio quality is shockingly poor. So I was hoping if anyone knew of a website where I could find some talented engineers with some free time. I'm an Independent Hard Rock musician mostly.

I have my VERY rough demos here http://www.reverbnation.com/nikolaithepuppets

Thanks guys!
What city/state do you live in?

Check the ads in Tape Op magazine, there should be some good options in there.
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I could do it. I'm currently looking for projects to work on. If you're interested, PM me.

And yes, Tape Op's ads are pretty good.
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If you want it done reasonably by an engineer with major industry cred... Kent Verderico at Blue Ribbon. You have already heard his work in film, TV, and radio.

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