Hi, I am very new to gear so I hope you can help me. I would like to reference the intro to Metallica's Fade to Black for this question. I need an intro (clean channel) to be played through my amp and then for me to play a lead over it through distortion channel using the same amp. I bought the Ditto looper pedal and I played the clean intro, then switched my amp over to distortion to play the lead and it also distorted the clean looped track, which is not what I need. I was wondering if there was a pedal that just plays the looped track, or a sample AS IS even if you switch to a different channel. or another easy way I thought of is to just hook up my ipod, hit play, and then do the harmony over it but I dont know the correct pedal or gear to make this happen. would the ipod track also be distorted if I played the song through my ipod on the distorted channel? Thanks for the help!

PS please keep this as affordable as possible thanks!
You need to stop and use your head for a minute. If you use a looper to play any sound and feed it into an amp with distortion it's going to be distorted. Since most of the distortion is coming from the preamp an amp with an FX loop can be used by putting the looper in the loop after the preamp and before the power amp. If you don't have an FX loop on your amp then you need to forget about using anything but the clean channel. Put distortion pedals before the looper, keep the amp on clean, and then you can get the expected behavior from the looper.