I've got a wah pedal (Dunlop cry baby GCB-95) that I had modified back in 2008. I've hardly used it and when I got it out recently I remembered why!

When I rock the pedal all the way forward and back again I hear a click because it's partially pressing and releasing the switch and it drives me crazy! Especially when playing the guitar at lower volumes.

My electronics knowledge is extremely limited, but looking inside I can see it has a 3PDT switch (identical to this: http://www.electrosmash.com/images/tech/tube-screamer/3PDT.jpg)

Has anyone else got a 3PDT switch in their Cry Baby and does it do the same as mine? I'm keen to get it switched out so the pedal is silent again.

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Hi. I have the same switch and the same model Cry Baby. Did the true bypass and on/off LED mods on it.

The switch clicks, but I also remember the original switch clicked also.

Not sure if this is such a big issue? I like this click, its gives positive re-inforcement, along with the LED that the switch has actually worked when I pressed the pedal.

You can try adjusting the switch height, by unlocking the holding nut, adjusting the switch height and relocking the nut. Maybe there is a sweeter spot so that the top it sits higher or lower compared to the pedal travel to see if you can soften the click?
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Thanks for your response!

I don't mean the click when I actually press down hard to turn the wah on and off (I too like that click because it lets me know it's turned on ok).

I mean I can hear a click when I just rock the pedal forward because it presses the switch down a bit but without fully depressing it. I've tried adjusting the height of the switch but then I can't turn it on.