Hello everyone I am a slide guitarist-but lately I am having a hard time finding new things to listen to and challenge myself. I seem like I am not making progress and I really want to be incorporating some indian kinda sounds and also hawaiian and lap/pedal steel sounds into my guitar playing. Anyone know a good way to find ways to do this? Also is there a good way to continue to make progress with slide guitar? Sorry I am pretty tired so hopefully this make sense. Thanks for any and all help
I do it by finding something I like and then learning virtually note for note by ear. A couple of days ago it was Andrew Winton doing hammers and pulls on acoustic lapsteel, before that Roy Rogers doing flatpicked slide, and so one. This doesn't mean I will actually play it as a cover version, but it develops my technical skills.
Check out some of the recordings by Bob Brozman. Brozman was a master of the slide, and addressed everything from blues and early jazz to a variety of ethnic musical styles. He has a number of instructional DVDs available as well.
(Sadly passed away recently)