I recently handled a Godin Kingpin CW II hollowbody who's neck was a dream for me. The depth was fat, for sure, but the width at the 1st nut was also perfect....1.72" wider than the usual 1.68" of many guitars, but smaller than the 1.75" which is a bit too much for me.

Are there any other guitars out there with a width like this? As much as I liked the feel of the Godin, it's single-coil + hollowbody would likely be disastrous for situations requiring more than small amount of gain, which I use a lot.
Uh...three or four HUNDREDTHS of an inch (or about 1/32nd) is a pretty tiny amount to be "a bit too much" for anyone.
And it is those differences that the human hand can sense to tell you that the neck of a guitar is a good fit to your hands and not to others. Gibson make a fortune out of those measurements. If the dream neck is a 59 then why is every Gibson not made to that specification.

Keep on hunting for that guitar with the perfect neck, took me may years to find it, and it is in a Momose, just amazing.