I need 7 string guitar for Rock & Metal <600 Euro.

It could be used. I dont need Floyd Rose.

Can u recommend?
i don't play 7 stringers anymore, but i was impressed with the ibanez iron label 7 string a played a few months ago. under budget and pretty nice the one i played had a good fit and finish.
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Agiles aren't worth it outside the US because of monumental shipping costs and no warranty.

Without knowing any specific preferences it's kind of hard to suggest something. The Ibanez Iron Labels are good. The VGS Soulmaster is also an option and has an Evertune which is a great feature at that pricepoint.
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Check out Jackson.
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^ definitely Schecter. If you're fine with used, you could be able to find a Blackjack or Hellraiser, depending on what you like.
Do take a look at the Jackson 7 string guitars, they are pretty good. Schecters are awesome too as mentioned. And go used.
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What do you think about Schecter HELLRAISER C-7 BLK?

I've got a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser '07 Black (Korean). One of the best guitars I've ever owned.
Just picked up one of the new jackson 7's. really enjoy it a lot.
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What do you think about Schecter HELLRAISER C-7 BLK?

If you're fine with EMGs, I'm pretty sure it's a great choice if you found it within your budget.
I'm not sure you have to rule out Agile. Even if there is high shipping for a new one, you might find a used one locally for sale.

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