Hiya everybody!

I've been lurking the forum for years, time to get stuck in! I'll get straight to it:

I have a few pedals which have the capability to connect to an external tempo clock so that they all sync up. Some of these are midi (big sky, TC triple delay) and some use the old 1/4" jack input (electroharmonix super pulsar).

I want to have ALL of these (and more to follow) connected so that I can tap the tempo of a song on only one device and have that tempo fed to all the other pedals. I know that there are tons of simple external tap tempo pedals that can sort of do this but very few seem to do everything I want:
-Connect to both MIDI and 1/4" jack inputs
-The tempo signal from the pedal is sent CONSTANTLY (not only when I am tapping the pedal)

So far I've only foune one device, the SMARTclock by disaster area, which does all of this in one pedal. Molten Voltage seem to have products which can do all of this, but I'd have to get a master MIDI clock and a converter to change one MIDI output to 1/4" jack.

I'm probably using the wrong terminology for a lot of this, and I'm generally just a bit clueless when it comes to this stuff (I've only been 'properly' using pedals for less than a year, and have never attempted to sync up tempos and cool things like that).

Any help would be appreciated!