Buying my first guitar. Should I get Rogue RA-090 for 50$ or Stagg SA 30D which comes with an automatic tuner and how to play lessons on CD for 160$.

It's my first guitar, I've never played guitar before and I just want to get started on my own.

Thanks in advance.
I'm not especially familiar with either of those, except being aware that they're both budget brands. I have dealt very sparingly with some Rogue products that seemed pretty decent for the price. I've heard stuff going both ways for Stagg.

If you can try these in person and have someone who is a player and can go with you and check them out would be ideal. Otherwise, I would strongly suggest looking at what you can find from Yamaha, Ibanez, Jasmine by Takamine, Dean, etc., who all have pretty good quality budget instruments. Here are a few examples:




I actually started on acoustic and I recommend that. There are a few Fender acoustics that might be within your price range. If you have a budget of $160 and want an electric I'd look into perhaps a used Fender Squier or an Ephiphone, maybe even a Jackson. You can find tuners and lessons on the Internet too, so keep that in mind.