Right now I have a ESP viper 50 for my drop tuned things and I'm looking to upgrade it, any recommendations, my budget I'm trying to spend around 400-500. Was thinking maybe a Jackson. Also I'm looking for a fixed bridge I have another guitr with a Floyd Rose already. Thanks for the help. Also I'm no professional just record things at home through mics and interfaces
Jackson is a good choice. There are some nice models in the X-Series for 550 with a hard tail, like a King V XT, Rhoads XT, or Soloist SLX (with FR).

For 500 you can get more guitar from BC Rich though. But they do all have tremolos. Still, you can immobilize it.
You can get some cool stuff from Jackson or Schecter or ESP/LTD or BC Rich at that price. Especially since you don't want a floyd. You're typically getting crappy licensed floyds at that price range, anyway. Don't shy away from looking at some used stuff, though. You can usually find great deals in that price range on guitars that sold for more new. In my opinion, based on a few years experience in a store selling guitars, I think that the best bang for your buck ratio from all of the big name modern metal guitar companies comes at the $800-$1000 price point. And guitars that were that price new can be found used for $500ish all the time.
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The guitar isnt really the most important part.You can get a metal tone from many types of gutars.Its the amp and pedals that make the real difference.You will find all sorts of guitars used in metal are associated with other genres such as rock,punk or even country music use strats and telecasters.

Concentrate on the amp rather than guitars.
Once you get the amp and pedal setup for metal, I would highly suggest the ESP LTD M-1000. You can get one USED for just above your budget, and since they are being sold new now for 1,000 USD, and prior were sold for 13,000+ USD, it is an insanely good deal.
Recommending this even though it has a Floyd just because it is a good floyd and it has some kller features at the exact $500 mark you're looking at. I've never played one personally, but if they were in stores I may end up walking out with one given the right opportunity...



And if you're looking for a pretty sweet hardtail Jackson you can look around at used RRTMG's for $450 to $500. They're $850 new though I'm pretty certain.
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Thanks for all the suggestions checking them all out, as for focusing on the amp I know how to create good tones for metal my esp is beat up and I'm looking to replace it so why not get a good guitar that will last a long time