I have a Yamaha KS50 (not sure If it's considered an amp or a cab) which seems to work as a combo amp. It's connected to the the power socket and can amplify and produce the direct sound from my guitar by itself.
I want to buy the Egnator Tweaker 15W tube head, and was wondering if the Yamaha KS50 could work as it's cab without breaking it(the cab) or something.


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I'm unable to find any decent images online, but I did find out that it's a 50 - watt 4 - channel keyboard amp. Unless it specifically has matching ohm inputs on the back, it can't do guitar from an external amp. You're able to get direct sound because it's practically a P.A.
The above post is in terms of 'YMMV' and 'IMO', etc...

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Yeah, sadly it seems to be some obscure, secret model...
"Yeees I am your god!" John Petrucci, Phsyco excercises
Buy a Line 6 HD500, plug it into the Yamaha, quit worrying.
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