Yesterday my new Agile 2000 Rootbeer Flame Top was delivered. I didn't have a lot of time to really get into it too much but it seems pretty nice. My initial observation is the tone is nice and fat, the necks is perfect fit for my hand and so far I think this guitar is a real bargain as so many on the forum have said.

I did a quick truss rod adjustment (I'll tweak it more later) but I need to change the awful strings that came on it. It is a three piece body which looks OK and it has a scarf and heel joint but that is just an observation not a complaint as I have learned that both scarf and heel joints are often stronger joints than a one piece. I actually appreciate that Agile did not try to disguise or cover the joints in some way. The Grover gears are very responsive so tuning doesn't seem to be an issue and the pickups I think sound very good and I won't be replacing them (I don't think). So far my only negative comment is that the maple top is little disappointing cosmetically as the flame pattern is not consistent due to a few imperfections in the grain. It's OK I guess for what I am paying (mine was the lowest priced Root beer Flame at $225.00 and they sell what looks like a beautiful flame for $499.00) but I have to admit I am a little disappointed in that.

I paid $225.00 for the guitar and bought a hard shell case for it. The case is actually very impressive at $65.00. All told with shipping it was $315.00. Not bad for a decent guitar and very nice hard shell case.

More in day or two after I change the strings and spend some time playing it. I have a gig this weekend so I might take it for test drive for a set.
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The tops on the Agiles are easily as good as what you see on Gibsons costing 10 and 15 times as much. Honestly, I'd have to say they're MORE consistent than Gibson's, but they do vary. And they're real wood (not photo tops), a veneer of about 1/16th" over the mahogany body.

I have four Agiles, three of them AL models. One of them is an AL-2000, but it's a weirdo in that it's an AL-2000 Floyd. In addition to having a recessed Floyd Rose built into the thing, it's a 24-fret neck. In order to do that, they moved the bridge and the bridge pickup toward the neck pickup a bit (about 3/4"). You don't notice it at a casual glance, and it really doesn't seem to affect the tone (it would only affect the neck pickup, honestly). They extend the neck about the same amount, and move the fretboard so that the end result is that the 24th fret on mine is about where the 22nd fret on yours is, about even with the bottom of the cutaway curve.

One other strangeness is that there's a slanted neck/body mount. It provides a LOT more comfortable upper fret access compared to the standard mount. In fact, it works almost as well as my Gibson Axcess Custom's sculpted neck heel in that regard!

When I first got the guitar, I assumed I'd be replacing the pickups, but I ended up liking them and left them. Instead, I took the guitar to Gary Brawer in San Francisco and had him superglue the frets and put the guitar on the PLEK machine (I like the action pretty low). I've used the same size and brand of strings ever since, and that neck has been rock solid stable for the last six years of professional bar-banging playing.

I think the AL-2000 may be one of the best bargains in guitar history.

The guitar is heavy (as you've no doubt discovered) and sustains like crazy. The strap I have for it came from a guy in WayTheHellUpThere Canada (his company is "Well-Hung Guitar Accessories" on Reverb: https://reverb.com/shop/well-hung-guitar-accessories?id=well-hung-guitar-accessories ) who hand makes them, and you'll want to tell him that you heard about his straps from the Agile Guitar Forum before you buy anything. Trust me on this. He has some wide padded straps that will make things a lot more comfortable. If you've got tons of money, however, I'd suggest looking at the (expensive) Gibson straps that have memory foam inside some really gorgeous leather. But be warned that these things can run about half what the guitar cost you. Check out the "fatboy".

Note that the cases are from Douglas (Kurt doesn't really market an "Agile" case).

They're in the process of discontinuing the AL-2000. It was originally supposed to be a "limited time" model, but it's hung around for nearly a decade. I think you're going to be very glad you snagged that puppy.
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Actually I had been looking at them for some time now after seeing you and others comment on how good they were. I bought now because I saw a YouTube video where someone was demoing his and he said that they were discontinuing the AL-2000 so I decided no more waiting. They are a little heavy but not overly so. I am a Les Paul lover and between my 1973 Gibson, my 5 Epiphone LP's and my Ibanez 1976 LP I am not too bothered by the weight. I do have a wide strap that I bought years ago for my (hardly ever used) double neck so I will probably use that. Thanks for the tips and the comments that lead me to buy it to begin with.
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Got pics. I put on new strings and set up the neck the way I like it. Got the action down nicely. I am not thinking of changing a thing. These pickups sound very nice especially the neck pickup. The pots are smooth and seem to work fine. The Grover gears are very solid and there no tuning issues. The 3 way switch is a little stiff but that's my only negative and that's minor. I have to admit that many of the people on this forum who have given these guitars very positive reviews are correct. These AL-2000 guitars (at least this one) are pretty awesome.
agile al 2000-1.jpg
agil al 2000-3.jpg
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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Congrats! I used to have a fun AL-2800 with a pearloid top that I kinda miss sometimes.
Very nice I like the colour
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Congrats, welcome to the Agile club
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This Agile is another example of why Gibson's prices on Les Paul's are so out of line. Does this feel and sound exactly like a Gibson Les Paul? No, but for $225.00 it feels good, looks good and plays very well and didn't cost $3,000-5,000.00. It's much more guitar than I expected and stands easily with my Epiphone Standard and Custom Les Paul's (I have several) that are almost double the cost. I know I mentioned this earlier but I am blown away by the neck pickup on this Agile. It is the perfect combination of low end punch and upper mid clarity that I like.

I didn't get a chance to play it on a job yet (didn't get it set up in time for this past week end) but I will be doing that next week and post some additional comments. If it wasn't for this forum I would never have head of Agile. Thanks to all.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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