I am thinking of resizing the pedal board and removing the effects in the effects loop. I have a TC Corona chorus which sounds great in the effects loop but I don't really like it before the amp,thus, I am looking for another chorus that would work this way. I generally use it in mono mode. Also, I would like a nice subtle chorus. I use it on clean tones sometimes with a delay (DD-3) and compression (Dynacomp).
Hmm, I can't really see why you would drop your Corona Chorus for something else.. In my opinion it's one of the greatest sounding chorus pedals on the market...
Also, your loop is what makes your wet effects sound really killer and give you the most of you effects - I would say it would be a shame..
Of course you could also try to run the chorus in stereo, or all your other wet effects too - that might be handy
But to answer your question - You could maybe try out the Boss CH-1, CH-5 og even the CE-20, if you can find one.
I've always found that the Boss pedals sounds good both in front but also in the loop.
Other than that I can't really give you more to go on..
Let me know what you find out/think!
It's always fun to experiment with pedals and boards!
I am not getting rid of the Corona as I really like it, just setting up a smaller pedalboard I can carry around. I have different models of all effects but chorus, as only recently I starter using chorus effects.

I do think that most digital effects such as Corona and DD-3 sound best in the effects loop.

When I was shopping for a chorus I tried the CH-1 but I prefer the Corona. I asked to try the CE-5 but the store in my country does not have it in stock so I have to rely only on youtube videos.

Last year, I liked the MXR M134 so the other option would be placing the Corona on the small board and getting the stereo chorus on the larger board.
CE-2. Look on ebay for one.
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i had this MXR chorus from the early 80's i scooped up for $20 locally. i loved the damn thing. however i sold it, i made a killing off of it. i got a little over $200 for it. i couldn't say no to the offer. here is a link if you are curious.

diabolical - does the voodoo lab chorus alter the treble frequencies when engaged? both my microvibe and proctavia do and it drives me nuts. if it doesn't, a voodoo lab chorus is on my list, as well as the four knob tremolo (which i think you remember saying you had one).

the early boss choruses are really nice too.

i also tried a malekko chorus once and liked it, they have some that are pretty small if you are concerned about size.
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DOD FX 65. they can be found on ebay for prety cheap. great chorus and works fine in front of amp (i bought mine in 85 and haven't replaced it yet)
I never owned voodoo lab stuff, but yes I believe we discussed other equipment on other posts . I am not only looking for micro pedals only but the MXR stereo chorus is huge, slightly expensive here and at 18V it will require its own power supply or investing in an isolated power supply.

I've played a lot of choruses in my day, and this one is my favorite. Instant 80s when you turn it on. And I paid like $25 for it.
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CE-2. Look on ebay for one.

I couldn't imagine using a chorus pedal without a volume knob. I get that the older models are analog, but what's the fuss?
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I couldn't imagine using a chorus pedal without a volume knob. I get that the older models are analog, but what's the fuss?

well back in the day they didn't have a mix knob. as for the fuss many prefer analog chorus and some were better than others.
I really like my ce-5 in front of my amp. You can do a LOT with it, but I like a nice subtle chorus that you can tweak. I found my spot and set and forget it. I twist one knob for one song only. everything else stays the same throughout my sets.
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