Hi. I am looking for instrumental songs or bands which play songs like Remnants by Disturbed and maybe Buckethead by Soothsayer.
**** those songs, instead look up these

Procession to the Infraworld by The Chasm
Deathcult Arrival by The Chasm
Sons of the Mictlan by The Chasm
Farseeing the Paranormal Abysm [Album] by The Chasm
Mictlanmatini by Buried Dreams
Requiem for a Soul Request by Cenotaph
Perpetual Ascent by Demigod

that's like all I can remember for now lolol
just listen to buckethead, the guy who wrote soothsayer
look up there is a great song of his^^
I know its not metal, but check out some Fusion stuff, there is a lot like Guthrie Govan or Martin Miller, but you can also try Michael Angelo Batio.
I hope I understood your question right.
You want instrumental metal? Conquering Dystopia. Do it.
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Urotsukidoji and Musical Death by Testament
Epilogue, Ending Credits, and For Absent Friends - Opeth
Inside the City of Glass - Katatonia
Loyal Shadow - Soilwork