Hi. A small backstory. When i graduated highschool, i wanted to get an electric in order to play the genres i like , which is metal and hard rock. Unfortunately, my dad refused to get me even a cheap electric as a graduation gift, and ended up buying me a 100$ acoustic ( he insisted that i start on an acoustic even though he doesn't know jack shit about music, he wouldn't even let me buy an electric from my own savings). After 1 year of playing i got demotivated and quit as i wasn't able to play the music i wanted. Fast forward 5 years, I have my full time job living abroad, and able to buy any guitar i wanted. Which brings me to the main issue here:

I'am planning to buy my dream guitar, the ESP LTD MH-1000FR. But my friend told me that tuning is gonna be a pain in the ass due to the floyd rose. And there's no music store in my radius ( maybe even in the whole country) to help me tune or restring my guitar in case i got a floyd rose. So i checked the website I'm buying from (thomann) and found the closest available ltd model to be the ESP LTD H-351NT STBK. However i read several places that its chinese made with lower quality and besides i don't like the headstock shape. The MH1000 looks much much more elegant. Will a floyd rose be really hard for a beginner? even if i followed guides online? Please state if you think there is a better alternative guitar to both

Oh and one more thing . I wanna buy a preamp which works with one of those guitars.

Boss GT-001

Boss ME-80

Line6 Pod HD500X(worth the 500 euros?)

Vox ToneLab EX

Boss GT-100

Digitech RP 1000

Zoom G5

Laney IRT-Pulse

Boss ME-25

I want something that sounds awesome.I don't want anything too much software related (besides recording), which is i just plug in and start jamming without the use of a laptop. I dont have a local store around to try them out in person thats why iam shopping for them online.

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I would suggest you get a guitar without a floyd for your first real axe then later on get one with it, my first floyd Guitar was a Jackson I bought in 2000 it had a jt-500 trem on it and if I had known the hell I would have gone through tuning and breaking strings I would never have gotten that Guitar. It would have saved me some trouble, but the trem on that Guitar was a real piece of crap not all trem systems are created equal.

I would get that model or the next guitar they have like that one that doesn't have a trem and then get another down the road when you know more about Guitar setup.

Now if you really want that Guitar don't let me stop You, Its Your money and if your ok with the trouble then get it. Do some more research on that guitar see what other people say about the trem system on that Guitar.

It might be awesome or it might have problems, if you see people blocking it off for that guitar and upgrading the trem system then you should know that a new floyd system will cost 150-200 $ for a new one and it might be beyond your ability to install even with the great tutorials out there on youtube .

Here's something to consider if Your ok with a blemished Guitar you can save some money on getting that guitar check this out. http://www.zzounds.com/item--ESPM1000?siid=69167&gclid=CJD8qcyOvcUCFQ6OaQodL6UAaQ That's the same Guitar but it will have a blemish on the finish I personally can live with that since you can buy a new trem system with the money you save.

Its worth the time and energy to research, I don't know anything about that Guitar and how hard it is to mess with the trem system comes down to how good the trem system is.

I have a bolt kit Carvin with a floyd trem and the system on that Guitar is amazing I bought two other hard tails before I purchased another guitar with a trem system and I made sure this time I had researched the trem before I bought it and it made the difference.

The new guitar is a dream stable easy to deal with, String don't break I am very happy with it.

Research for a few days and go out and buy the axe you want fully informed and gratz on coming back to playing !