Played some of the new revoiced Taylor 800 models, namely the 814 and the 816.

I really dig the 816, I think it's the first time I've actually preferred it to the 814. Picked up a 914 as well, wasn't really impressed... might be because of the older strings on it, but it also lacked loudness and some tonal clarity.

I was bummed out though because they didn't have any Godin's, particularly their nylon string Multiac line.

So yeah, the revoiced 800's are nice
My God, it's full of stars!
Hell yeah they are. We've got a couple of them at my store now, an 814 and an 810. I love em. And the rosewood pickguard is just classy as hell. The maple 600 series got a similar re-working this year. They look awesome. Can't wait til we get a couple of them.
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glad to hear they're nice. we're about to head out to hollywood guitar center. i'll try some out. i'm nervous about the maple/sitka ones, as i really loved the way they sounded before.
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