GENRES: Psychedelic rock, Classic rock, Stoner rock, Alternative Rock, Galactic dance funk
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Hello there.

There are some cool riffs going on here. I liked the wah on the intro and the little solo around 3:20. Not quite sure about the change in pace at 3:30ish - seemed like that didnt quite go right. The whole thing needs some vocals too.

I think the main issue here is the uneven feel of the drums. Maybe you could try doing a little sample reinforcement to give them a more uniform feel and tidy up the odd timing issues?

the timing of the drum work is imperfect but I honestly like it. the recording is clean, it just feels like its on its own weird level, vibration-aly speakin' good psychedellic jams, would love to hear what a good tripped out vocalist would do over it. I cant really find anything glaringly wrong with this to criticize. It's not boring, its well produced, and it vibes me out, haha. i like the other songs you have on soundcloud too. keep it up.

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i feel that you may enjoy what I do as well. stay trippy, mango
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