The name on the title is the name of the song. Meaning "goodnight, BlackXIII". BlackXIII is kinda my nick name.

I wrote the song based on a Manga, the name is Oyasumi Punpun, about a lonely overthinky boy, called Punpun. He used the sentence "Oyasumi, Punpun" whenever he was all alone and in a hard situation to sympathy himself.

The same way it was used by me.

The quality of recording isn't good. I used too many tracks on a crappy laptop so I couldn't handle it. Maybe the quality of the song is the same. I'm wondering if it's lame or not, coz my friends didn't want to give me feedbacks.

So please help me by giving feedback. Coz I don't know should I put this song into my project album.

Thank you.

I think it has potential, but the recording quality really gets in the way of it being listenable towards the end. And I think it builds for too long. I'd consider cutting the part in the build up with the acoustic guitar (or at least it sounds like an acoustic) because acoustics are really hard to record well, and I wasn't a huge fan of your note choices there anyway. I don't think it's bad though. Just a little more mixing knowledge would probably help you a lot. Decent EQing can make even the worst boom box recording sound decent. I can't help you much with that, I'm still learning how to do it well.

Also, I'm a huge fan of Asano Inio. He's one of my favorite authors, not just in manga but in everything. I loved Solanin and Nijigahara Holograph. I haven't read PunPun yet because I'm holding out hope some publisher will be crazy enough to release it officially in English and I want to support the guy.
Thank you.

My first idea for this song wasn't that long, but I recorded it without a plan, I mean I just recorded but didn't wrote it first. So in the end, I realized it... was longer than I expected

Plus, I like music of Mono, a Japanese post rock band. I learned the length from them.

About Punpun, the Manga is such a masterpiece. I can't say that it affected or it described my point of view. But I can swear that no piece of literature in the world understand me than Punpun. I like your idea to support Asano sensei