Hello, I will be the new guy here I'm building a famous explorer, because I like it's shape and because I'm short on money... I'm stripping down my Shitty Cort X6 with floyd rose. And I found one thing that interest me a lot.
Here it is -----> https://imageshack.us/i/p5BayZEdj
What is it for? And is it needed for my explorer?
My explorer ------> https://imageshack.us/i/paWfxM83j

Can be difficult remove. The studs are pressed into the body by a machine. Put some old machine screws in the studs.. screw them in as far as they will go. Place a piece of plywood on the guitar body and use a crowbar to remove.
thanks everybody for help, I finaly took it out. At first i bent body a bit, but now everything is okay
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