What made you want to learn how to play? I want to hear everyone's story/reason to why they picked up the guitar. I'm buying my first guitar Friday for the simple fact I want to play "Country Roads" outside a WVU game, at a tailgate party.
it was a 4th (or so) instrument to play
A poem.
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I wanted to start for many years during school but never did
because of exams, lack of time, etc. Couple of years later I had all four wisdom teeth extracted in one sitting and I went to a music shop and got a 200 euros Samick to ease the pain. Best decision I 've ever made.
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I bought my first "real" guitar when I was 16; started playing on a $12 Sears Silvertone piece of junk when I was 8, and had a couple other cheapies, until I saved up my $$$ and bought a brand new Guild D-40 in 1967, for the whopping sum of $269.32!

because I wanted to start or be in a band more then anything, which is what im going to spend my summer trying to do.
I've grown up with my dad always playing guitar, so there's that. But what really made me want to play, was I had a friend in high school my sophomore year (he was a senior) that played guitar. He had been in bands, and he (at the time) had a solo acoustic project. I would see him perform, and I would go to shows with him. It was incredible to me! He's also the one who introduced me to my favorite band, All Time Low. My friend AND All Time Low are what got me in to songwriting in general.

Okay, so the summer after my sophomore year, I wanted to learn to play guitar sooooo badly that it hurt. But I would always chicken out when I would go to ask my dad to teach me how. Stupid, I know.
Well, the summer after that (before my senior year of high school), I thought "to heck with it" and started teaching myself on my dad's guitar. It's been love ever since
So, that December my dad took me to Guitar Center and helped my pick out my very first acoustic guitar.