I was wondering if there was a way to know if the pick-ups you are ordering will fit in the guitar that you want modified before you order the pick-ups and find out that they won't fit. I looked at the Seymour Duncan website article that talked about different pick-ups that would work in Ibanez guitars and it would be cool if every modification listed would fit easily in any Ibanez guitar, but I don't know if things would really work out that way.

Maybe you can save me some trouble and tell me if this would work right here:

An Ibanez RG655M with
1. Seymour Duncan '59 SH-1 in the bridge
2. Seymour Duncan SH-2N Jazz Model Pick Up in the neck
3. Seymour Duncan STK-S6 Custom Stack Plus in the middle

Is there a way to find out if these will fit before-hand by calling Seymour Duncan or Guitar Center?
I think this would be a fun build if it would work; anyway, thanks in advance!
Most pickup styles have become pretty standardized, particularly among the major manufacturers.
the only time I've ever run into problems is with chinese copies of pickups like there is this 8-10$ set on ebay that sort of look like EMG-HZ pickups .but without covers honestly you've got nothing to worry about. I've done 100s of pickup swaps and so forth in personal projects and for money. This is probably a big reason i say try new string materials (cobalt, steel , pure nickel regardless of brands) and different types of picks to guys too or mod their electronics more.

the reason why is simple, there is two types of pickups
F-spacing or as seymour duncan calls it trembuckers
and regular spacing
all this has to do is with the poles in the pickup that are the parts under the strings, besides that they are the same dimensions.

the only ones that don't follow this rule because they don't have to are like the..
dimarzio X2N (blade pickup), seymour duncan invader , dimarzio chopper (rail pickup) and the EMG 81 because it's pretty much an X2N under the plastic cover. This isn't just those 4 either.

the whole F-spaced concept though it's very subjective, some claim it's a myth and others don't. Whatever the case you'll have no issues with any of the pickups. Just make sure your pickups are 4 wire so you can do cool wiring mods like out of phase and parallel for more versatility.
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If they are open coil pickups (no covers) then I would have thought it would be a fairly straight fit.

The issues I've had fitting pickups have come from pickups with covers. I've put active pickups in 2 Strats and a covered PAF style and a P90 humbuckers into an RG350. On each of these I had to trim some material from the scratchplate and on the RG I had to sand down the pickup routes in the body in order to make them fit.
Wow, you guys are knowledgeable. Thanks a lot for the technical advice. Now that I know most pickups should work, I might try a lot of different ones. Would you have to get a new switch/button installed to toggle the cool wiring mods you're talking about, Tallwood?
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Would you have to get a new switch/button installed to toggle the cool wiring mods you're talking about, Tallwood?

not for everything, I mean you could if you want but for example

out of phase on those new pickups is easy. Just switch a north and south start on one pickup and the middle position has this weird quack to it

coilsplits (buzzing single coil) you can modify your tone knob using what is called the spin a split mod and you can turn down the output of your pickup to 50% and get a single coil like sound. Seymour Duncan has this diagram it's pretty straight forward.

other variants of the tone knob are another option
bass cut - fender greasebucket is the one I recommend
mid scoop / boost - torres engineering designed this - mouser for the audio transformer
half out of phase - kind of useless
fender TBX - bass / treble cut - I'll explain this one in another reply/message
varitone - guitar fetish has a good one that you dont have to make

the only one you'd for sure need a push pull or mini toggle is to go parallel , that or a super 5 way switch. But all those things I mentioned are very easy to do if you can solder two wires together as the green chicklet looking capacitors and basic carbon resistors on tayada (ebay seller) take heat really well and they are really cheap. The only expensive or tedious component to get is off of mouser the the TL42021 1.5H audio transformer made by Xicon. But besides that all cheap and easy to get stuff off of ebay that you can buy all off of one seller in Thailand. Pretty much any resistor or capacitor are a dime a dozen.
You've given me a lot of ideas; it's cool to think that you could get that many varieties out of just a turn of the tone knob.