I'm thinking about putting a Bigsby on my LP copy since it would be really handy to have.
Does anyone know of a cheap alternative to a B7 since I just don't think it's worth spending hundreds on a guitar I only use occasionally?
It's a Vintage V100.
The string spacing at the bridge is 51.5mm and the spacing between the tailpiece studs is 82.5.

Only requirements are that it has to be available new or used in the UK and it can't look too blingy.

the B7 is already like 70-100$ so that isn't too bad, but here's two ideas

besides the vibramate that came up on amazon as well this is the only other alternative

it could be worst like a Kahler hybrid, a floyd rose FRX , stetsbar or any other les paul oriented tremolo. The FRX is about 250-300$ american minimum., perhaps try ebay for a used one if you dont mind a bit of scratches or whatever. I think my favorite tremolo was a kahler hybrid though playing over 1000 guitars. Just didn't like the stiffness of the bar.
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