Lately, I've been looping with my electric guitar (stratocaster with single coil pickups) and Guitar Rig's 5 looper and I'm not able to get a good percusive sounds like the sounds I get on my electro acoustic guitar.

The sounds I get are the kick (hitting the strings near the bridge with the palm) and the snare and hats (chunking and muting the strings).

This technique is used a lot by ed sheeran:


I can get good percusive sounds with my electro acoustic, but I like more the electric guitar for melodies, chords and guitar playing in general, so I want to get better percusive sounds with it to have the entire package.

Here it's and example of what I get with my electric guitar (the sound quality is shit I know):

Any setup ideas or anything for making a more acoustic/drum alike sounds from a electric guitar?
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not to sure a strat is your best bet for that kind of stuff. i'd think you'd have better luck with something like a semi-hollow (like a Gibson es-335 or the epiphone equivalent).

which pickup are you using on your strat? myself i use the middle one when i'm doing clean acoustic stye stuff. keep in mind that often you have to make technique adjustments when moving from a acoustic to an electric guitar (yes they are both guitars but still different beasts). i'd try to vary your pick attack and muting until you get closer to what you want.
I've just used this acoustic simulator preset that I have in guitar rig:

Clearly the acoustic setup makes the percusion sound a lot more natural, so I think I've found a decent solution: Make the percusion with this acoustic simulator preset and change to electric guitar presets to the other things.

Now it sounds like this:


Maybe I can put a little more reverb and more equalizing to get more resonance and better blending with the other parts, but It's clearly better than the first one.

I think I used the neck pickup for this last one, I'm not sure now.
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Look into getting a guitar with a piezo pickup built in - the older "Montreal" from Godin had that and so do many of the Musicman John Pettrucci models. This will solve your problem because you'll have both sounds at your disposal on the same guitar.