Looking for a Metal vocalist for an online project I have going. I posted a while back and had a few people get at me only to flake out, I now have all but a few tracks ready to go for vocals (7 out of 10) and still am in need of some vocals. I have a some lyrics written but am willing to change the song titles and lyrics to suit you if needed.

This ISN'T pro level stuff but I think it sounds pretty good so far (just fyi)

I will post a few links to Soundcloud for you to check out. (All songs composition is done, just need vocals and to re-record final guitars / add Bass to a couple). In my head I'm imagining vocals in the vein of Revocation , Dying Fetus & or Pig Destroyer. That said if you can make something sound good I'm all for it. Let me know what you think and if you wanna help out with this I'll get back to you asap

(Upon completion I will mail you a bunch of copies from Discmakers with your name in the credits as I plan on getting 50 or 100 copies made)



Hi Nick,
I replied to your very first post about this. I'm definitely interested in doing vocals for this project.
Please let me know.