Hi there, gang!

I hope this is the right forum for this kind of question - either way, here goes!

Lately I've been listning a lot to bands like Def Leppard, Queen, Skid Row, Boston, Bryan Adams and a lot more artists - and the thing is; I really like the overall tone these bands/guitarists produces! Therefore I wanna ask you guys if you have any tips and tricks on how to get a good 80's guitar sound/tone!

I own a Boss GT-10 and so far I've gotten some decent 80's replica sounds from it - I just wanna hear what other inputs and aspects I could try!

Marshall JCM800 and a Tube screamer as a boost
you should have those or very similar on the GT-10
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I always find adding a touch of chorus helps as well.
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IMO an SD1 sounds more 80s than a tubescreamer. But they're both in the same ballpark.

Pretty much a hotrod marshally or soldanoey type tube amp. With a superstrat.
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Take 70s gear, and put a Boss SD-1 in front of it.

Any Marshall master volume will do. Obv. JCM800s are the most popular and common.

Lots of reverb, lots of chorus. Everything has already been said. Just reinforcing.
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other factors make more of a difference, but whenever i think of 80's hair metal is dimarzio super distortion pickups in the bridge.

but again to echo, JCM800 or similar with reverb, delay, and chorus.
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If you want Queen, you need a wall of AC30's
Or at least one, with a treble booster. And a lot of use of a neck humbucker.
As for the rest, what everyone else said.
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If you want Queen, you need a wall of AC30's
Or at least one, with a treble booster. And a lot of use of a neck humbucker.
As for the rest, what everyone else said.

brian may uses single coil pickups . but agree with the rest Queen's tone is very different from the rest of what the OP has mentioned and it's not iterchangeable with the rest.