Hi folks,

Last week my current band came to end....I'm gutted to be honest. But the end was always going to come.
So for now I'll be writing and recording at home and forming a new live band.
With that in mind I wish to share some tunes here and get some feedback.



Please take some time to hit me with some feedback. Many thanks .
Also I'm more than happy to throw some comments back your way.


Thank you for the review! Are you from England or Alabama (just a slight difference)? "Black Smoke Chain": the song, guitars, bass, and vocals are good. Sometimes the sound seems to be pumping a bit for my taste: I assume it is the compression, probably the drums, or the whole mix.

Bands can be great fun when they're going well, but yeah, I got tired of bands fizzling out, flaking out, etc. Now I'm just a one man band home studio project. Is the Crystal Maze a movie, or ???
Thanks for your comment on my stuff. Sorry to hear about your band, happened to me years ago and I'm still looking for a new one! I'm digging 'Black Smoke Chain', musically it reminds me a little bit of Load-era Metallica.