Need help finding a good Wah for under £150. I mostly play metal, but I also would like it to be fairly versatile so that if I need to I can use it for different styles. Thank you!
Look at Morley wahs the Bad Horsey is used by many metal bands. i personally prefer the Classic or the Power Wahs which also work fine for metal as well as other styles.
Dunlop 535Q. You literally can't go wrong with it. And versatile is pretty much its thing. Lots of options for adjusting the various parameters.

Going used, you could also get the Dimebag Wah, which as I understand it is broadly similar to the 535Q but with more range. Might seem a bit "metal kid", but it spent time in John Frusciante's rig, I believe, so it must do something right.
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I can get a new Dimebag Wah in my price range, would you recommend that over the Dunlop 535Q Multi-Wah?
Yes get the dime wah. The fine tune knob-which the 535q lacks-makes it all the more versatile.
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rmc wizard wah. next wah on my list. i like my fulltone clyde a lot though.
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There are wahs for more than 150 quid?
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There are wahs for more than 150 quid?

yeah there are boutique wahs just like any other pedals that are good money.