Hi! Even though we have posted on the UG forums before, I never new this thread was a thing!

My band, The Clocktown Giants, are a hard rock band from good old New Jersey, a place that is mainly filled with pop punk and hardcore bands. We play shows constantly and love performing.

Heres a link to our Bandcamp where you can check out our recent single "Break Me" as well as our self titled EP from a year ago. We know its not the best recordings out there, for we did them by ourselves for no cost to us.


If you like what you hear, it would be lovely if you would go like us on Facebook at the following address


We have a lot of gigs coming up so if you are in the Jersey area you should swing by!
I liked it. It was just weird enough and just divorced enough from your typical blooze rawk that it was interesting, but I can see it still having a lot of appeal. Your singer has a pretty unique voice. Kind of reminds me of Brent Oberlin from Thought Industry (who you should check out if you've never heard of them), especially on their later albums. Not that the song you linked to was bad, but I think I liked the songs on the other EP you had better. Those ones had a weird production quality though. It was very compressed and kind of fwuppy, like every drum hit had a fwup sound to it, if you have any idea what I mean. The one you linked to sounded better but I think wasn't as strong songwriting-wise. Overall, though, cool shit, keep it up.
Hey thanks man! I am the singer lol. I have never heard of Thought Industry so will check them out! Also the production was done with a veryyy inexpensive interface and not very good mics for both the single and the EP. The single we used a better drum space but still not the best. Thanks for the comments!