Hey guys!

I've started looking into replacement pickups for my HSS Godin Session. I'm not that experienced with guitar, only 2 years, however I mostly play classic rock, punk rock, and blues. I want to be able to have fantastic blues tones in the neck, and chunky, good with high gain with the humbucker. I would definitely prefer for the Humbucker to be splittable/tappable.

Right now the tone knob can be pulled up to split/tap (don't know which) the bridge. I don't like the significant drop in volume, but I don't know if thats fixable. I've looked at HSS sets from Bare Knuckle, but I don't know which one and they seem pretty expensive. I love the tones of Duncan equipped guitars I've played, and have looked into dimarzio as well.

Does anyone have experience with HSS pickup sets? What Bare Knuckle would I go with? Which other brands should I look at?

Thanks in advance!

Available specs on my guitar: http://www.godinguitars.com/godinsessionp.htm
What are you using for a guitar amp? Your amp could potentially hold you back, no matter what pickups you put in.

To account for the volume difference between the singles and humbucker, you can mess with the pickup heights. Raising the singles closer to the strings will make them higher, possibly brighter. Lowering the humbucker will make it more mellow
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I've got a Bugera V22 all tube 1x12 combo, and a Vox AC15VR, which gets surprisingly heavy on that second overdrive mode. And the volume difference isn't a problem for me at the moment, it's only the huge drop when I split the humbucker :P
coilsplitting is something I'd love to have in guitars when I started but it gave me initiative to learn to solder. To answer your question regarding coil splitting it's night and day difference for volume and overall sound because what you're doing is shutting half the pickup off. Each half of the pickup is a coil which is why if you really get into it, it's north pole and south pole.

so there is two kinds of "coiltap"
#1 - coil split - it buzzes , you get 50% of the pickups resistance , you get a single coil tone
#2 - parallel - it doesn't buzz ,it's much more quieter and weaker too. I like this a lot myself for cleans

so regardless you're losing volume so here's two suggestions to the push pull without buying new or extra parts. Both are very easily googled for schematics.
#1- the 7 way mod - you can make the neck/bridge pickup work together , super easy to do
#2- this obscure mod called the "megabucker" deaf eddie who is this guy with a ton of cool mods I never heard of.. might be the same as the telecaster powerboost mod I haven't tried this one yet.
to see the 7 way mod look up "how to beef up your strat" video on youtube you can do this mod to any pickup , p90 to lipstick to humbuckers

Godin make great guitars I had a detour a while ago and I was actually really impressed with it parts wise the brass block it had which is kind of unorthadox for a string through guitar especially and poplar went well with whatever other wood the guitar was made out of. When I think of guitars made in Canada it's Lado , Godin and Guerilla. Lado was big in the 80s and since I live near one of the old factories (never seen it) they come up on craigslist a lot. The cool thing is the owner teaches people to build guitars as he retired from building.

anyways .. my advice on pickups
brand of pickups isn't important (I've tried it all, modded 100s of guitars) , what matters is the sound you're trying to get. The good news is Bare Knuckles, Dimarzio and Seymour Duncan all have the "EQ" on their websites of a pickup you find. If you're excited about it that is a good start but sometimes you'll be surprised with what works. I had a Hamer 27 fret and it's hilarious but my favorite pickup came from ebay and cost like 11$ for the set. I tried this dimarzio and that seymour duncan and for a laugh put it in and I went from this guitars ok to loving it. Say for example if the guitar is too bright bass helps.

if I was to buy another HSS guitar I'd go with all 4 wire pickups, this is easy for the humbucker but for the middle and neck this can be a great thing too because some single coils have the power of a humbucker without routing or voiding warranties .... and ... 4 wire single coils don't buzz in isolated positions. I liked the "lil screaming demon" single coil in the neck myself. Usually my rule of thumb is the highest resistance goes in the bridge and work your way down. Of course resistance isn't end of discussion but it helps. As always remember though there is a world besides bigger strings. For example pickup height , string material (which i mention a lot on here) and so forth really contribute to your sound. A guitar processor like what Line 6 makes I highly recommend the first few years playing though as you'll have a chance to try out all the effects you want without spending a fortune or a big pile of time in a guitar shop. You get simulations of high end amps , 100s of effects , savable and downloadable presets made by fans/professional musicians and you can record on the newer ones. Cool right? that is what i got my 2nd year and I never looked back. I tried spider III and IV 15w amps and they are trash in my opinion but their pods are excellent , you just plug it into your amp and color your sound however you feel. A used one on ebay is around 100$ the XT or better shoot for.

anyways hope I could help, wrote way more than I probably should have haha but I like to be comprehensive.
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What Bare Knuckle would I go with?

The fellas from Bare Knuckle are very friendly and are willing to answer your question, if you give 'em info like what guitar you have, what you want to sound like, gear etc. Anything helpful. Email address is sales[at]bareknucklepickups.co.uk
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